This White Farmhouse tray is a perfect solution for carrying the treats to the ottoman! Then when the treats are devoured use it for breakfast in bed!




Vinter's assortment:

-Apricot Riesling Vanilla Jam; this is a grown-up version of sweet apricot jam.

-Garlic Rosemary Chardonnay Jelly; this is sure to please! Use as a glaze over chicken, pork...or drizzle over goat cheese with warm pita toasts.

-Tomato Ginger Jam; delicious! Serve with cream cheese & crackers, dip for pretzels, or drizzle on French Bread. Try a spoonful or two in a Bloody Mary!

-Honeyed Wine Mustard with Garlic; Yummy! A perfect dipping sauce for egg rolls & wontons. Use as a grilling sauce or blend into your favorite egg, pasta, and potato salads.


-Asparagusto; a pickled asparagus with a kick.

-BBQ seeds; slow smoked to perfection.

-BBQ Pumpkin seeds; bold and savory.

-Teriyaki Beef Jerky; California finest inclucdes a Flosser!

-Tuscan Crisps; an Italian Cheese Blend.

-Chocolate Bourbon cookies; rich, soft, and decadent!

-Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt bar.

-Lemon Raspberry Cookies; a perfect sweet snack. You won't be able to stop at just one!

-Churro Popcorn; delicious Cinnamon flavor.

-Toffee Lavender; Yummy! Best Chocolate and Top Toffee awards.


Comes wrapped with ribbon and gift card.

White Farmhouse Tray

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