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Seattle, WA

"I got a call on Sunday afternoon. They were totally thrilled with the whole package! All the star trek stuff...the light-up ship was already hanging over a desk!!! The food part they were thrilled with! Excellent choices! The tray and lantern Roxine fell in love with! You did a super job!"

Kelly A

Tewksbury, MA

"Thank you...I haven't had such good customer service in - goodness not sure how long. It was wonderful and quite a refreshing change!"

Adrianne B

Santa Clara

"Heard all about the basket. Bill love, love, loved it. He is still talking about it."

The FOX Sports family

"I had a wonderful experience with Just For You...By Us. Mary was extremely helpful and accommodating. I had to get 25 baskets made for an event, and they all turned out great! They not only looked amazing, but the food inside tasted amazing too! I look forward to working with them in the future!"

Anna C.

San Jose, CA

"My friend recommended that I call Just for You By Us for a last-minute gift basket for my Mother's Birthday. I told them her tastes, and the came up with something really creative and absolutely beautiful! She loved it."

Dage C.

Fremont, CA

I called them the night before my husband's birthday and described his likes/dislikes and they put together an awesome gift "basket" that exceeded my expectations the next day.  I could tell by their website that they had good taste and used quality products, unlike many of their competitors, but thought they might be out of my price range. When I called, they were very responsive to my desires and my budget. I was very impressed and would highly recommend them!

Vanessa R.

Menlo Park, CA

Working in hospitality requires me to find unique gifts for clients and coworkers and I cannot tell you how much I loathe those generic gift baskets full of crap that you just toss out.  BLECH!  Seriously, who needs more dried apricots and processed cheese logs???

I recently discovered Just for You, by Us and have already used them twice in the past week.  My first order with Mary was for someone into old school cars, beer and vintage items.  She produced a retro-looking beer sampler with awesome printed pint glasses that resulted in the "best office birthday gift" received by the person in their entire imprisonment at our lovely establishment.  

This week, I requested a Star Wars basket for my boss and another custom basket for a woman who has a dog loves wine and aromatherapy.  I'm so excited to see what she turns up with...I will post a few pics when they arrive.

Another perk: she delivers to our office (in Palo Alto) for $15, compared to the $25 from Draeger's that is only a 10-minute drive away.

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