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This magnetic basket comes with:


-Cookies; super soft and ultra fudgy cookies with cocoa, chocolate extract, and huge chocolate chunks for peak enjoyment (and triple the chocolate!).

-Tea; Herbal.

-Almonds; Honey

-Cheese Crisps; Cheddar Cheese Crisps are lactose-free, high protein, Crunchy Real Cheese™ Snacks. Like an everything bagel (without the bagel). Everything Cheddar Crisps provide a gluten free, low carb alternative to your morning routine or afternoon snack. Packed with flavor and oh so snackable, dippable and toppable!

-Giraffe; Large Organic Baby Lovey Security Blanket Soft Cuddle Cloth, Adorable!

-Baby Onesie; Shorts for Summer.

-SHOOSHOOS: Mr. Mustard Baby Shoes Sneakers Bootie. Unisex.

Size 0-3 months. These have gone fast!


Comes Wrapped with Ribbon and Gift Card.


Bit of Safari

SKU: 0365
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