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Behind the Scenes

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

I love discovering and trying new foods and snacks. On the website you’ll find numerous gourmet foods that reflect this. Our foods come from all over and many are made right here in California, with good ones right from the Napa Valley.

Recently we brought in foods from the South. A good biscuit mix, pancake mix, jams… pure Southern goodness! Sorry the fried chicken is missing! With these pantry items it’s fun to get the kid’s involved in making them.

Something new for the men! A skincare line from France COMPTOIR DES HUILES, skin care line is of the highest-quality.

We brought in a Gift-Box “Before or after Summer.” A collection of natural products that helps your skin during summer time. Soothing, repairing and protective self-care products for before and after being exposed to the sun. This selection of natural products will help you prepare and keep your tanned skin during the summer.

Products in the Gift Box:

  • Castor oil

  • Calophylle Oil

  • The Balm

  • Cold processed soap - Basque Sunset

  • Cold processed exfoliating soap - Moringa particles

  • The Body Scrub

Products are Organic certified and made in France.

Ingredients are from Organic Farming.

Great gift for the man who has everything or not!

About the oils:

Calophylle Oil is remarkable for skin with problems. It contains repairing and protective active ingredients such as omega-6, omega-9, polyphenol, and calaustraline and these different nutrients make it an oil with soothing, softening, and antioxidant properties. Damaged tissues are regenerated and reinforced.

It is also a naturally soothing oil that helps with pain and stimulates circulation.

Castor Oil - How to use Castor Oil? With a high concentration of ricinoleic acid, Castor oil never ceases to amaze! It restores strength to nails, eyelashes and nails.

Back to the food! This Postcard Chocolate is different, interesting, and unique. Beautiful packaging and delicious flavors you normally won’t find just anywhere. You can take this chocolate bar to any post office and ship it off for a few dollars, anywhere you want around the world for a few dollars. These are just a couple of the top selling bars: Party in My Mouth has crunchy sprinkles and popping candy, fun to eat and a perfect gift for kids or yourself (pictured below).

Another popular flavor of the Postcard Chocolate Bar is the Nicholas. It is covered with crunchy salted potato chips, sounds funky, but everyone who has tried this bar says, it’s so good!

The salted potato chip bar isn’t pictured here, but you will find it in some of our gift baskets. How about a healthy snack alternative? Cacao, a raw food sweetened with raw honey + the box and packaging is cute! A cute stand alone gift or party favor. This isn’t too sweet and it really tastes good! A healthy alternative to sugar-filled artificial treats. Raw Cacao is high in Magnesium and high in antioxidants. A healthy alternative to sugar-filled, artificial treats. We are adding different flavors to some of the baskets - Hit the Trail, Peppermint, Coconut, Nib Crunch, and the Original. Every ingredient is raw and organic. I haven’t mentioned the benefits of raw honey, almonds, or pumpkins seeds that are included in some of the selections.

New Oil Cloth Totes For Summer

Oil Cloth is a retro fabric, (poly-cotton) printed and treated on one side with a waterproof coating, popular back in the 1950s. The Oil Cloth Tote is durable and easy to clean. It's a good size perfect for the beach, park, gym, and even as a baby bag!

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