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This Wooden Basket is transporting:


-Walnut Banana Bread Cookies; full of oats, banana chunks, and walnuts. The ultimate comfort cookie!

-Bananas Foster Dark Rum Popcorn; a favorite flavor, layered in flavor and texture. Crispy light cinnamon sugar breaks through to flavorful banana and finishes with real Bacardi dark rum.

-Knotty Grahams - Chocolate Peanut Butter; delicious and goes great with a glass of milk!

-Organic Honey Glazed Almonds ; reclosable pouch.

-Pistachios Roasted & Salted In-Shell.

-Coffee Stout Brittle Can - Smooth and strong!

-Roasted Cashew Butter Toffee Pretzels.

-Fluff Meringues: a popluar treat, featured in Better Homes & Gardens, and Martha Steward Living.

-Pretzel Rod; a salty, crisp, pretzel rod is hand-dipped in kettle-cooked caramel, then dipped in milk chocolate and topped with toffee!


Wrapped with Ribbon and Gift Card.


-Once the treats are gone this useful wooden crate looks great with an arrangement of succulents!

Strongbox Goodies

SKU: 0389
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