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Chalk-a-Doodle bucket has a retro chalkboard label that lets you write, color or draw anything you want! Works really well for you or the kitty’s belongings!

-Etched Meow Orange Bowl – has a handmade look and bold color.
-Pounce-an eco-friendly interactive toy for hours of fun with kitty.
Canvas with photorealism graphic contains recycled fabric stuffing.
Comes with a bell, string & bamboo handle.
-Peanut Butter Ball…wrapped in a creamy layer of peanut butter, and then covered in chocolate.
-Dark Chocolate Almonds
-Funky Chunky LOADED with nuts - big almonds, whole pecans and jumbo cashews glazed to perfection with the popcorn. Hand-drizzled dark, milk and white chocolates - deliciously good!
-Almond Caramel Chews; these are luscious, creamy, and full of nuts!
-Roasted Salted Cashews.
-Candied Pistachios-sweet & scrumptious with a brilliant crunch.
-California In-Shell Roasted Pistachio’s
-Fruit Gems.

Wrapped with ribbon and gift card.

Meow Chalk-a-Doodle Bucket #0458

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