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Round Serving Tray has two sides and holds:


-Got Biscuits? 2 lb. bag of Loveless Biscuit Mix. Reese Witherspoon featured this Biscuit Mix in her picks to become a Southern Belle!

-Strawberry Preserves; Try warming some preserves as an ice cream topping!

-Belgian Waffle and Pancake mix.

- Barbecue Sauce; boasts the perfect balance of sweet and heat! It’s the ultimate topping for any meat you pull from your backyard smoker or grill.

-Maple Syrup; you will notice the difference.

-Broth Bomb Yes, they really fizz... and they're delicious. Packed with herbs and spices.

-Banana Jam; Mellow vanilla rounds out the boldness of sweet bananas to create this simple but complexly comforting jam.

-Sour Belts; candy jar.

-Cookies Chocolate Mint; yummy!

-Cherry Chai Jam; Tart, bright local NY sour cherries are bathed in the warming spices cinnamon, cardamon, and ginger of traditional chai.

-Chili Pepper Spread; Spicy chili peppers are cooked down in a bath of apple cider vinegar, ginger root, garlic and a touch of lime juice. This jam has a smooth lingering spice with a kick of flavor from all sides.

-Enamel Can; with lid & handles

-Square Gray Zinc Scalloped Chalkboard; 12" x 12." 

-Chardonnay Brittle; award-winning!

-Chocolate Caramel Popcorn; this one is delicious!


Wrapped with Ribbon and Gift Card.





Farmhouse Pantry

SKU: 0353
  • This tray is a good size and features foods from the Loveless Cafe located in Nashville TN. The Pancakes, Biscuits, Jam, and BBQ sauce are delicious!! All the foods carried on this tray are yummy! Plus a couple of keepsakes are included. 

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