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A plush lion holds a collection of goodies for baby and family members.


Gift Includes


-Storage Basket.

-Chocolate Chip Cookies.

-Chocolate Wafers.

-Chocolate Whipped Honey; yes honey with chocolate and it may be the yummiest natural treat ever! PAIRINGS: Spread on whole wheat waffles or plain rice cakes. Use as a dip for strawberries. Top a graham cracker with it and some mini marshmallows for instant smores.

-Lemon Whipped Honey; the best possible combination of sweet and tart! PAIRINGS: The perfect topping to pound cake, scones or cheesecake. Also delicious in hot tea.

-Bovetti chocolate; an outstanding Artisan chocolate.

-Tuscan Italian Crisps.

-Blueberry and Cardamom Preserve; dark, rich, sweet and bursting with blueberry flavor. Lightly mashed for a semi-chunky texture, with a subtle finish of cardamom. PAIRINGS: Doll it up with some garlic and port to make a surprising sauce for duck. Great in yogurt or mixed with salad dressing.

-Blackberry and Rosemary Jam; Seedless Blackberry jam made with local blackberries and a very subtle hint of rosemary. A bomb with toast! PAIRINGS: Perfect for lamb or drizzled over sea bass. Also try as a base for a vinaigrette or topping over vanilla ice cream.


-Tea; organic Lemon Geen.

-Whole Almonds.

-Fruit Jems.

-Plush Animal (pictured Lion for baby boy).

-Onesie; cotton (pictured for baby boy).

-Booties; (pictured for baby boy).

-Magnetic alphabet letters in case; for older silbing.


- Let us know if it is for a baby boy or baby girl. Don't know the sex that's okay we will use a fabulous color for new baby!


Comes wrapped with ribbon and gift card.

Family Addition

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