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This large hamper comes with:


-Sabatino Truffle Crisps; a gourmet truffle cracker. Careful these are addictive! Pair with a cheese. They make a great crouton substitute or just eat them by themselves as a snack! Made in Italy.

-Truffle Mac & Cheese; ready to make. One box can be either served for two entrees or will serve four people as a side dish.

-Pistachioretti Almond Macaroons; are true to Italian tradition, with no added fillers, fat, or flour, are high in protein, and rich in healthy plant-based fats. These soft and chewy almond cookies combine two Mediterranean nuts, pistachio, and almond, for an impeccable zing to your tastebuds.

-Cheese Coins; tangy coins complement wine, cocktails, and

hors d' oeuvres.

-Chardonnay Brittle.

-Italian Pasta.

-Broth Bomb; they really fizz... and they're delicious. Packed with quality herbs and spices, and come with a recipe that's Vegan Gluten-Free* & Soy-Free. Ideal for Meal Prep and Family Dinner.

-Chocolate Mint Cookies.

-Ghirardelli Large Chocolate Bar.

-Bellisima Basil Sauce; handcrafted with garden-fresh tomatoes, basil, onions, garlic, and olive oil.

-Honey Balsamic Dressing; handcrafted in small batches with Balsamic of Modena and Honey. No artificial flavors, preservatives, dairy, or gluten.

-Classic Ketchup; handcrafted with Tomatoes, Spices, and Monk Fruit. A delicious upgrade to the American Classic. Free from added sugars, contains no high fructose corn syrup and Keto + Paleo Certified. 

-Olive Oil Dispenser.


Wrapped with Ribbon and Gift Card.


Italian Gourmet

SKU: 0360
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