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The fun begins with:

-CC Made Pistachio Caramel Corn – irresistible
-CC Made Madagascar Vanilla Artisanal Caramels …made with the aromatic seeds of plump Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans never any extract!
-CocoaPlanet Chocolates…a Premium Dark Chocolate (Sofi Finalist), more taste, less sugar.
-Mason Jar of California Trail Mix.
-Dirty All Natural Mesquite Kettle Chips.
-Beer Brittle…may be the best brittle you will ever try!
-Almond Crunch…a bite-sized snack healthy and delicious.
-Cashew Crunch…a bite-sized snack healthy and delicious, all natural.
-Grandma’s Kettle Corn.
-California Roasted Pistachio’s.
-Jelly Belly Sport Beans.
-Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls.
-Fruit Gems.

-Wrapped with ribbon and gift card.


Celebration Fever! #0349

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