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Each Booni box is a gift, and its not just the recipient that benefits. 

Let us do what we do best. Every month we search the most innovative, exciting, great tasting, zero wasting food and drink brands making a positive impact. We then put these in a box and send them out.

Whether you are there sharing the un-boxing with the recipient in person, or are in cities apart, opening a Booni Box is a fun experience for all.


The boxes can contain biscuits, chocolates, healthy crisps, beverages and lots more. 


Every Booni Box makes a difference. We source forward thinking products and we include them in your gifts. What's more, with each Booni Box a small percentage of profits goes towards a range of grassroots charities and social enterprises. Together, we can make a lot of small differences that together make a big impact.


Wrapped with Ribbon and Gift Card.

Booni Gifting Box

SKU: 0362
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