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Bliss contains:

-TCHO Hot & Cold Drinking Chocolate 250g Canister Pure, classic decadence. New American Drinking Chocolate is made from real, dark chocolate crumbles blended to create an intensely rich, deep fudgy flavor. Reminiscent of decadent European-style drinking chocolate, our not-too-sweet version is perfect for making a cozy cup of extraordinary hot cocoa (with or without milk), a refreshing iced chocolate drink, quick and delicious chocolate sauce, or easy-as-pie chocolate mousse.
-California In-Shell Roasted Pistachio’s
-Almond Caramel Chews; these are luscious, creamy, and full of nuts!
-Chocolate Covered Almonds.
-Chocolate 2-pc gift box.
-CHA-CHAS are dark chocolate refrigerator cookies reminiscent of Mexican chocolate -- dense and complex with a spicy kick at the end. They are truly addictive and go equally well with milk or a glass of red wine. Olé!
Silver Finalist For Outstanding cookie.
-Christmas Stocking with 4 oz. Sugar Cookie Bubble Bath & Lotion gift set.
-Peanut Butter Balls…wrapped in a creamy layer of peanut butter, and then covered in chocolate.

Holiday wrapped with ribbon and gift card.
Due to the high volume of the holiday, we may have substitutions. Substitutions are always made of equal or greater value. If substitutions are necessary, we take great care to retain the original theme, style and presentation of each gift. 

Bit of Bliss #0340

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