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Calling all newborn medical professionals, STAT! Baby Aspen introduces Baby MD, a whimsically cozy doctor’s outfit for your own aspiring MD. Complete with a toasty-warm surgical cap and “hospital booties”, this soft, green sleeper sports a stethoscope graphic casually slung around the neck, and an embroidered pocket with pen to write those teeny-tiny prescriptions!

Three-Piece Layette Features & facts:

-Made of 100% lusciously soft cotton in soft sea-foam green and white
-Toes stay warm inside the mock hospital booties.
- Newborn size 0-6 month sleeper comes with a cradle-soft “surgical cap”!
-Legs have secure snap closure for easy changes between “operations.”
-Fully opened, the exclusive packaging design creates its own unique showcase! Cleverly designed “first aid” box unfolds to display product hanging from a sturdy, custom-designed hanger. Folded up, the box creates its own gift wrap suitcase!
-Box measures 9 ¼”w x 6”t x 2” d folded, opening to a display size of 9 1/4”w x 15” t x 2” with sturdy custom hanger.

Product #BA160010GN

"Big Dreamzzz" Baby M.D.

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