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Welcome a new team talent and everyone enjoy!


Oversized Tray Includes



-Ranch Spice Almonds; seasoned with a blend of the highest quality fresh herbs and spices, you can enjoy these almonds knowing you are getting all of the traditional ranch flavor without the junk.

-Black Truffle Almonds; bringing together Italian black truffles with a naturally light smoked flavor, these almonds are the ultimate delicacy.

-French Brie Cheese Wedge.

-Camembert Cheese.

-Truffle Goat Cheese Wedge.


-Variety Caramels; good taste, good ingredients, and good design!


-Raincoast Crisps (crackers).

-Truffle Chips; so yummy!

-Balsamic Caramelized Onions; deep intense sweet onions caramelized with an aged balsamic to a smooth silky consistency. Starts delightfully tangy and finishes rich and sweet. (Spread)

-Office Yoga book; fun, unique keepsake book.

-Tomato Jalapeño Marmalade; our flagship marmalade is earthy, complex and

versatile with cheese. (Spread)

-Strawberry Lavender Lemon Zest Preserve; Bursts of fruit forward flavor hit the palate then layer with bright citrus and a finish of subtle lavender. Good with medium-firm and creamy cheese for the office.

-Oregon Hazelnut Toffee - Lavender; It was awarded "Best Chocolate Candy" and won a 2018 Bronze medal for Top Toffee.

-Hazelnut Toffee - Cardamom And Vanilla; awarded a 2018 Gold medal for "Top Toffee."

-Roasted Cashew Toffee Pretzels.

-Raw Acacia Honeycomb; honeycomb is so amazing! It is the most raw form of

honey — the last living beings to touch the honey inside the comb were the bees who made it. It is beautiful to look at and delicious to eat.

-Fresh Apples- pair with honeycomb.

-Whipped Honey.

-BakKwa Jerkey Bites.

-Gourmet Bacon Jerky; Gluten free old fashioned maple bacon jerky. Gluten free, tastes great with a little sweetness.

-Pickled Crunchy Carrots; finger food at its finest, the natural sugars in these carrots play off the sour brine for a flavor that’s a little bit tart, a little bit sweet and a whole lot delicious!

-Pickled Hot & Spicy Dilly Beans; hot chili peppers give these crisp beans a fiery finish. A longtime bestseller.

-Paris Eiffel Tower Dark Chocolate Bar; Paris Eiffel Tower Dark Chocolate Bar is a fairtrade, artisan Belgian dark chocolate with an iconic decoration, great for gifting. (pictured)


Comes wrapped with ribbon and gift card.


Welcome New Talent

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