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This is a sampling of "some" of the best-sellers. 


-Les Moulins Mahjoubi; organic Artichoke spead in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

-Tuscan Cheese blend Crisps.

-Dark Chocolate Pistachios; with added probiotics.

-Kettle Chips.

-Cashew Toffee Pretzels.

-California Toffee Bark; dark chocolate loaded with fruits and nuts.

-Dark Chocolate Almond Bar.

-Chardonnay Brittle; made in Napa Valley.

-Caramel Popcorn; made in Napa Valley.

-Large Caramel Bites; made in Napa Valley.


Wrapped with Ribbon and Gift Card.


This is a good one for special occasions. Let us know the occasion or event and we will wrap it for your special person(s).

Best-Seller Sampling

SKU: 0840
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