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Durable unique storage solution container folds when not in use + it will fit in shelving units and holds lots of stuff, perfect for baby toys!

The pillow in this gift basket can help a toddler settle down for bedtime. The pillow would be something the toddler would like and can be associated with sleeping time. This can help calm them and settle in.


Comes with gourmet specialty treats for parents to share:



-Caramel popcorn



-Churro and PB & Jelly bars; a healthy indulgence.

-Pretzel mix

 -Diaper mat (lightweight, wear on your shoulder, arm, as a clutch, or strap around stroller handle. Easy to clean and machine washable.

-Baby Onesie

-Baby blankie Plush Toy

-Baby Book

-Little Dreamy Pillow (with Safari pillow case) Soft and plushy, organice cotton shell and casing packed with sleepy dust.

-Baby Cap

-Baby Blanket


Wrapped with Ribbon and gift card.

Baby Storage

SKU: 0317
  • Wash Before Use.

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