Durable unique storage solution container folds when not in use + it will fit in shelving units and holds lots of stuff, perfect for baby toys!


Comes with gourmet specialty treats for parents to share:



-Caramel popcorn



-Churro and PB & Jelly bars; a healthy indulgence.

-Pretzel mix

 -Diaper mat (lightweight, wear on your shoulder, arm, as a clutch, or strap around stroller handle. Easy to clean and machine washable.

-Baby Onesie

-Baby blankie Plush Toy

-Baby Book

-Little Dreamy Pillow (with Safari pillow case) Soft and plushy, organice cotton shell and casing packed with sleepy dust.

-Baby Cap

-Baby Blanket


Wrapped with Ribbon and gift card.

Baby Storage

SKU: 0317
  • Wash Before Use.