This sympathy basket is functional and practical. For Local Delivery only.
Contains everything needed to serve several guests, and travel case is perfect for storing keepsake mementoes. Included:

-Paper plates.
-Matching paper napkins.
-Keepsake flower with vase.
-Fresh gourmet Brie cheese wheel.
-Fresh gourmet cheese wedges.
-California Harvest Black Olive Tapenade.
-California Harvest Sevillano Olives; Sicilian Style with Orange & Fennel.
-Meat salami (fresh).
-Italian salami.
-Salad Dressing/Dip for Fresh Vegetables.
-Marinated Artichoke Hearts.
-Olive Oil Sea Salt Artisan Crackers.
-Sunkist Fruit Gems a natural soft yummy candy.
-Vanilla Nougat; a soft, fluffy texture with a hint of chewiness.
-CocoaPlanet Chocolates.
-Whole Grain Lady Bird Cookies.
-LuLu’s Lavender Honey Jar.
-Organic Lemon Ginseng Geen Tea.
-Garlic Spread.
-Trail Mix Assortment.
-Large tin of Zhi Organic Tropical Green bio-Sachets.
-Sencha Mints – 3 mints -1 cup green tea antioxidants.

Wrapped with ribbon and gift card.

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