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You will absolutely love this Insulated Lunch Tote! 49er logo is embroidered, supreme quality; you’ll want to show it off! We’ll get you started with:

-Mesquite chips are kettle cooked, all natural, gluten free, cholesterol free, a Crunchier and Tastier Potato Chip!
-Funky Chunky Popcorn LOADED with nuts - big almonds, whole pecans and jumbo cashews glazed to perfection with the popcorn. Hand-drizzled dark, milk and white chocolates - deliciously good!
-Funky Chunky Pretzels salted pretzels layered with buttery caramel, chopped pecans three kinds of rich chocolate – dark, milk and white, broken into perfect snack size chunks.
-Santé Garlic Almonds – Zesty garlic, cayenne and black pepper give these almonds their savory punch. A touch of pure cane sugar makes them irresistible. Gluten free and cholesterol free, for snacking and salads!
-Extreme Sport Beans…quick energy for sports performance
-Almond Caramel Chews…yummy treat to have for a ball game melts in your mouth – so yummy!

49ER Lunch Tote #0412

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