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Absolutely Beautiful! 1000 Dog Portraits book is a compilation of quirky, gun, fanatical illustrations, paintings, collages, and drawings from designers and artists around the globe. A tribute to man’s best friend!Once the treats are gone, reuse the basket tub for the pup or in the garden.We’ve added for the owner too:- Play ball!-Maple Bacon Aioli – good! Great for sandwiches, burgers and grilled meats.Captivating taste of real bacon and sweet maple syrup, from lunch to dinner!-Maple Bacon Onion Jam – perfect for making quick appetizers, sauces, orenjoy with cheese. Robust savory flavor!-Beer Brittle…may be the best brittle you will ever try! -Organic Stone Ground Wheat Crackers-180 Whole grain almond cashew bars-1000 Dog Portraits bookWrapped with ribbon and gift card.

1000 Dog Portraits #0461

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