Chalkboard bucket contains some new products.  You will appreciate and love the organic natural ingredients in these lotions, body washes, and soaps. 

Included are a goat’s milk lavender lotion and body wash. The natural and organic ingredients in the body wash will cleanse, moisturize and nourish your skin as well as your hair! Yes, you can use as a shampoo, and you won’t believe how much lather is generated from just a drop!
The goat’s milk lavender lotion is a premium luxurious, nourishing and hydrating lotion providing the best moisturizing benefits; 81% organic and super rich.

Included is a Goat’s Milk Lavender Soap embedded with a natural wool sea sponge (the sponge goes all the way through to the bottom of the soap) customer’s favorite! It naturally exfoliates and moisturizes your skin. Easily absorbs into your skin and allows for quick hydration and softness. Soaps are extremely gentle and highly recommended for all skin types, no need for a wash cloth! All Bars are 5oz. Visit Details for more information about the soap bars.

-Goat’s Milk Lavender Lotion, 8 oz.
-Lavender Body Wash, 8 oz.
-Goat’s Milk Soap with Sea Sponge.
-Greek Yogurt Soap.
- Key Lime Cookies.
-Mints (tube).
-Tea, Organic Lemon with Honey Box.

Wrapped with Ribbon and gift card.

Ready to Enjoy… #0612

  • Both olive oil and goat’s milk soaps are known for their nourishing and moisturizing qualities as well as proven health benefits because of the many nutrients contained in them. They are easily absorbed by the skin and leave a clean, fresh and soft feeling. Comes with a Greek Yogurt Soap – it is wonderful! Made with all natural ingredients, it has similar benefits as the goat's milk soap - they both contain Alpha Hydroxy acid, which rid your skin of dead cells and calcium, which regulates a healthy rate of cellular growth. Smells incredible too!

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