This may be a smaller package, but it creates a lot of interest. Gold stars dangle on the outside of the package.

A host of ready-to-eat goodies included:

-Peanut Butter Balls…wrapped in a creamy layer of peanut butter, and then covered in chocolate.
-Micro Beer Brittle – outstanding award winning confection. Very good! Flavors are balanced perfectly between sweet and salt, crisp but chewy with a deep roasted-peanut taste.
-California Almonds
-Orange Slices Orange Slices… a soft fruit candy (fat, peanut,& gluten free).
-Santé Garlic Almonds – Zesty garlic, cayenne and black pepper give these almonds their savory punch. A touch of pure cane sugar makes them irresistible. Gluten free and cholesterol free.
-Pistachio Trail Mix Crunch – all natural and gluten-free.
-Almond Crunch - all natural and gluten-free.

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